Who We Are

Our Vision

Our vision to ensure our clients have a lasting legacy beyond three generations.

Our Mission

Paving Roads Financial Strategies and Insurance Solutions’ mission is to connect people to the best available solutions and financial products given their current circumstance.

Our Brand

We chose Paving Roads to be a visual example of how we want help our clients. We purposely chose “paving”, a present-participle, because we believe plans are continually progressing forward are always a work-in progress. We chose “roads” because we believe the client is always in charge of their path and destination, but we are the means to that journey. A fun road trip would have a destination, appropriate directions and a “packing list”. We believe a thoughtful plan for your financial future and legacy deserve the same.

Our Core Values

Connect people

Paving Roads must continue to expand our exposure to our current and new clients. We must be able to reach out to our clients regularly, be able to reach out to new clients who have needs for planning or financial products, and to have an audience on social media and other platforms to be able to connect themselves to paving roads for new planning opportunities.

Best available solutions and financial products

Paving Roads is committed to staying relevant. On one hand, there is the latest and greatest product that “every advisor” is selling – but is that the “best”? On the other hand, there are products that have been around for decades, but is that the “best”? Paving Roads seeks to educate clients and guide them through the process to ensure that the product is right for them. Additionally, sometimes there are no product needs for a client. A client may need financial guidance and cash flow management. Sometimes, clients may need advice on investments. Hence why solutions not only stipulate products, but process.

Given their current circumstance

We hope that clients are as transparent about their financial situation and needs as we are about our process. We never base our recommendations on “what can be sold” nor do we let our compensation be a determinant for our client’s plan. We understand that needs and plans change all the time. Sometimes we can make a plan and run with it for 5-10 years. Sometimes, we’ll need to make an adjustment a year later. We are meticulous about our record-keeping process as to make sure we have each client’s most current situation in mind.